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China's carbon market index launches in Shanghai

Zhixin Carbon Index

On 30th April 2014, Zhixin Carbon Index (ZXCI) was launched in Shanghai Environment and Energy Exchange. Developed by ZHIXIN Carbon Asset Management Company, ZXCI is the first carbon market index in China; it indicates China's overall carbon market performance and serves as an authoritative reference for index investing and index derivatives development in the future.

ZXCI is a volume-weighted index with the base day of December 31st, 2013 (Base Value 1000). ZXCI is built on an advanced mathematic model taking into account the weighs of the total volume of all ETS pilots in China. ZXCI contains an adjustment mechanism to ensure the index reflects the trend in broad market scientifically.


2014年4月30日,置信碳指数(Zhixin Carbon Index, ZXCI)在上海环境能源交易所正式发布。置信碳指数是由上海置信碳资产管理有限公司研究开发的我国首个反映碳交易市场总体走势的统计指数。