FEX - Financial and Energy Exchange Group

FEX Global

FEX Global seeks to serve the risk management and trading requirements of our international and domestic customers. In particular, FEX Global is purposely positioned to respond to the growing pricing and trading needs of market participants within the Asia-Pacific region.

FEX Global will provide a range of centrally cleared futures and options product derived from the energy, commodity and environmental asset classes. FEX Global markets are cleared by Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc. (“CME”).


FEX Global holds an Australian Market Licence under s795B of the Corporations Act (the Act) enabling it to operate a futures market for energy, commodity and environmental derivative products.

FEX Global is licensed to offer a diverse range of futures and option contracts including benchmarks in hard commodities, Asian crude and Australian natural gas and power.


FEX Global employs Nasdaq matching engine technology to provide its customers and members with enhanced capabilities to facilitate the most demanding and complex of trading requirements. FEX Global offers a range of order types including a Tailored Market Strategy (TMS) portal where non-standard exchange strategies may be presented and traded.

The FEX Global matching platform offers customers connectivity options that include bespoke applications and the applications of major ISV suppliers via both FIX and native API options.


FEX Global will offer a wide range of energy, commodity and environment based futures and options contracts focused primarily at servicing the Asia-Pacific region. Asian, US and European investors will have the opportunity to manage and trade risk that is more accurately aligned to the underlying energy and commodity raw materials that are produced, exported and consumed in the region.


FEX Global's clearinghouse, CME, operates under an Australian Clearing and Settlement Facility Licence pursuant to s824B of the Australian Corporations Act which will enable it to clear transactions matched on the FEX Global Market.

About CME

CME operates one of the largest central counterparty clearing services in the world. CME's primary place of business is located in the United States of America and it is regulated primarily under the regulatory regime of the USA. FEX Global Market Participants and market users are advised that the rights and remedies of investors whose transactions are cleared and settled through CME may differ from the rights and remedies of investors whose transactions are cleared and settled by an Australian-based clearing and settlement facility.

For more information please visit www.fexglobal.com.au.