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FEX Global will launch on 26 March 2021

FEX Global will launch its futures exchange on 26 March 2021. The exchange will offer centrally cleared futures and options for the energy, environmental and commodity asset classes.

The FEX Global market is centrally cleared by CME Clearing, which is internationally recognized as an innovator with a wealth of risk management experience.

For further information, please see announcement or contact FEX Global.

FEX Global Launch Products Confirmed

FEX Global, the Asia-Pacific region’s newest futures exchange venue has confirmed its launch products following satisfactory regulatory review.

The FEX Global futures exchange will launch with markets in products including Australian power, coal, iron ore and liquefied natural gas (LGN). Further information on FEX Global’s products is available at www.fexglobal.com.au/products.

FEX Global’s markets will be cleared by CME. Together, FEX Global and CME will offer a globally competitive licensed marketplace, offering participants and market users innovative and centrally cleared derivative risk management products.

For further information, please contact FEX Global.

Les Hosking Joins FEX Global Executive Team

The Board of FEX Global is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Les Hosking as a senior member of the Executive Team. Mr Hosking has been appointed as Group Executive of Market Infrastructure, and will assist FEX Global in finalising preparation for the launch of the FEX Global Energy, Environmental and Commodities Futures Market, and continue in an ongoing role in the development of FEX.

For further information, please view: FEX Global-Sept24.pdf.

CME receives approval to clear FEX Global

On 26 February 2019, FEX Global’s clearing services provider, CME received its approvals from the Australian Government.

FEX Global together with CME Group offer a globally competitive licensed marketplace, offering participants and market users innovative and centrally cleared derivative risk management products. This approval means that FEX Global futures and options trading market participants, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region, will have an expanded opportunity to further manage and trade their commodity and energy risk .

CME Group's place of business is located in the United States of America and it is regulated primarily under the regulatory regime of the USA. Market Participants and market users are advised that the rights and remedies of investors whose transactions are cleared and settled through CME Group may differ from the rights and remedies of investors whose transactions are cleared and settled by an Australian-based clearing and settlement facility.

For more information on CME Group and FEX Global's clearing and settling arrangements, please view: Information on CME Group.

Launch and first trade of Reimann Cotton OTC forward

On 27 November 2018, Australian Market Licensed Mercari electronic OTC market operator both launched and transacted the first Reimman Cotton OTC forward trade.

The first trade, representing 1,000 bales of Australian cotton, was brokered by Southern Aurora Markets between a leading Australian cotton seller and one of Australia’s major cotton merchants.

This new agricultural risk management innovation reflects FEX’s and Mercari’s ongoing commitment to supporting Australian agriculture.

Additional information on OTC trading and agricultural financial risk management is available at www.mercari.com.au and www.riemann.com.au or by contacting the Riemann team at products@riemann.com.au.

CME rules amendments to clear for FEX Global Certified

On 5 July 2018, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) certified CME’s rule changes to permit it to clear the FEX Global Futures exchange. Further information is available here.

For information on participating the FEX Global markets please contact us.

Riemann Agriculture Continues Growth

Since mid 2016, Riemann wool product have seen good and consistent trading volumes corresponding with the rise in wool prices. Trading in 21 micron wool has represented 56% of the traded volume down from 75% historically. Activity in 19 microns has increased substantially to represent 34% of all trades in the last 18 months.

Riemann also recently launched deliverable forward wheat contracts in NSW track and Victoria track wheat. Both contracts offers delivery optimisation and netting under GTA Rules.

Riemann Agricultural products are traded on Mercari's licenced and regulated financial market infrastructure.

For further information, please contact the Riemann team at products@riemann.com.au.

FEX Global Sponsors FIA Asia Conference

FEX Global recently sponsored the 2017 FIA Asia conference in Singapore. FEX Global was represented at the conference by Executive Chairman Brian Price and Energy and Commodities Head Scott Still.

The FIA Asia conference is the principal derivatives industry gathering in Asia, bringing together key actors in the Asia-Pacific cleared derivatives markets to discuss operational challenges, explore opportunities for growth and analyse important trends and topics affecting the industry.

ASIC consolidates Market Integrity Rules

On 17 November 2017, ASIC consolidated 13 of its 14 Market Integrity Rule books into 4 common sets, including a common set of rules for futures markets.

From this date, the ASIC Market Integrity Rules (Futures Markets) 2017 (Futures Markets rules) will apply to the activities and conduct on the FEX Global and ASX 24 futures markets.

For further information, see here

FEX Joins FIA – Futures Industry Association

In June 2016, FEX became the newest associate member of FIA. FIA is the leading global trade organization for the futures, options and centrally cleared derivatives markets, with offices in London, Singapore and Washington, D.C. FIA’s membership includes clearing firms, exchanges, clearinghouses, trading firms and commodities specialists from more than 48 countries as well as technology vendors, lawyers and other professionals serving the industry.

More information on FIA is available here

Dalian Commodity Exchange (DCE) Visits FEX

On 11 March 2016, Mr Li Zhengqiang, Chairman of the Dalian Commodity Exchange (DCE), led a delegation to visit FEX. Mr Brian Price, FEX Executive Chairman, received the delegation. Ms Min Yang, Chairman of ASF Group Limited, also attended the meeting.

DCE and FEX held detailed discussion on the development of commodity and energy markets within the Asia-Pacific and potential strategies to mutually grow the respective businesses.

Trading Technologies’ Next-Generation Trading Platform, TT, to Provide Connectivity to FEX Global

The Asian-based energy and commodities futures exchange FEX Global Pty. Limited (FEX) and Trading Technologies International, Inc. (TT), a provider of high-performance professional trading platforms, today announced that FEX has contracted with Trading Technologies to provide the exchange’s trading participants with the company’s next-generation TT trading platform.

The TT platform provides secure, high performance, go-anywhere market access and trade execution through the software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery model. TT will allow trading participants to access the FEX Global markets for commodity and energy futures contracts.

Tom Price, CEO of FEX Global, commented, “This agreement will enable trading access to our market from launch for our clients. The new TT platform will enable our clients to access and utilize the key benefits of TT, which features a fully integrated suite of sophisticated trading applications and high-performance trading tools through a significantly simplified infrastructure environment.”

“This agreement with FEX provides further validation for our next-generation technology,” commented Rick Lane, CEO of Trading Technologies. “TT will facilitate broader market access to FEX’s energy, commodity and environmental futures and options products by allowing FEX market participants to trade from virtually any location and device using our robust professional trading tools. At the same time, this collaboration with FEX will help accelerate distribution of TT in the Asia/Pacific region, where we are seeing strong demand for our new technology.”

View the full press release

Orc provides optimized connectivity to FEX

Orc is working on providing participants in the Asia Pacific region an opportunity to trade products on the Financial & Energy Exchange (FEX). FEX is focused on providing futures and options in the energy and commodity asset classes. Orc is currently developing connectivity and aiming to go live with FEX in Q1 2015.


Financial & Energy Exchange Group and Shanghai Zhixin Carbon Asset Management Company sign co-operation Agreement

On 17 April 2014, the Financial and Energy Exchange Group (FEX) and Shanghai Zhixin Carbon Asset Management Company entered into a co-operation agreement to explore mutually beneficial energy and carbon market development opportunities across Australia and China.

This co-operation agreement further signals FEX's focus on opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region, and mainland China in particular.

FEX has previously entered into co-operation agreements with the Shanghai Environmental and Energy Exchange, the China Beijing Environment Exchange and South-South Global Asset and Technology Exchange.

Public Education Foundation’s FEX Scholarship Winner Announced

On the 30th of April 2013 at Sydney Town Hall, the winner of The Public Education Foundation’s Financial and Energy Exchange (FEX) Group Scholarship was announced.

The winner is Janeda Ong from Hurlstone Agricultural High School; she is currently in year 11.

The Public Education Foundation’s Finance and Energy Exchange (FEX) Group Scholarship is a highly competitive Scholarship which aims to encourage and support public school students interested in further their education prospects.

The Scholarship was open to all public school students in NSW, and Janeda was chosen from over 50 entries.

The Scholarship was given to Janeda Ong on the basis of her interest in economics, personal qualities and personal circumstances.

FEX would like to congratulate Janeda Ong on her achievement and looks forward to seeing her progress in the future.

Chinese Carbon Market Delegation Visit - June 2012

On 22 June 2012, a delegation representing the Chinese National Centre for Climate Change Strategy Research and International Cooperation (NCSC), Tianjin Climate Exchange(TCX), China Beijing Environment Exchange (CBEEX) and Shanghai Environment and Energy Exchange (SEEE) visited FEX. The Chinese delegation was headed by Professor Li Junfeng, Director-General of NCSC.

Mr Tom Price, Executive Director of FEX received the delegation and made a technical presentation on FEX's Mercari Environmental Market.

Whilst at FEX, the delegation also held discussions with FEX management regarding exploring joint opportunities for conducting fair, orderly and transparent carbon markets across China and Australia.

The NCSC delegation was in Australia as official guests of the Australian Government and the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency. During their visit, the delegation also had cause to meet with the Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, the Hon. Greg Combet MP.

Shanghai United Assets and Equity Exchange Delegation Visits FEX - November 2011

On 14 November 2011, Mr Shen Feng, Vice President of the Shanghai United Assets and Equity Exchange (SUAEE), led a delegation to visit FEX. Mr Brian Price, Executive Chairman of FEX, received the delegation.

The purpose of the visit was to explore the potential for joint SUAEE/FEX and joint Australia/Shanghai business development opportunities with a view to a broader strategic partnership between SUAEE and FEX.

Mr Gu Zhen Fen, Honorary Chairman of Shanghai New World Co., Ltd, also joined the SUAEE delegation in this meeting with FEX.

Brian Price happily accepted the invitation to visit SUAEE and Shanghai New World Co., Ltd. in order to promote the efficient and effective access to global capital markets.

Chinese Business Delegation Visits FEX – April 2010

On 1 April 2010, Mr Wang Xinan, Mayor of Jiangyin City, led a business delegation to visit FEX. Mr Price, Chairman and CEO of FEX, received the delegation and made a presentation on behalf of FEX.

The delegation consisted of senior executives of businesses from the economically and socially buoyant Jiangyin City. Jiangyin City is located in the south of Jiangsu Province, a developed coastal province in eastern China.

Mayor Wang expressed his municipal government's commitment to a low carbon economy and confirmed that approximately 100 Jiangyin City-based businesses will seek listing on both onshore and offshore security markets within the coming year.

Media Announcement

Financial and Energy Exchange (FEX) and China Beijing Environmental Energy Exchange (CBEEX) Form a Strategic Partnership to Develop Environmental Markets

Australia's Financial and Energy Exchange (FEX) and China Beijing Environmental Energy Exchange (CBEEX) today announced the joint signing of an agreement on comprehensive and strategic co-operation.

China Beijing Environmental Energy Exchange (CBEEX) form a Strategic Partnership with FEX

The core objective of this strategic co-operation agreement is to promote energy saving and carbon emissions reductions in Australia and China.

Through the agreement, which forms the basis of a wider Memorandum of Understanding and Co-operation (MOUC), both FEX and CBEEX will work together to:

  • establish an international carbon trading platform which includes Australia and China, and which will enhance carbon price discovery;
  • to contribute in the development of markets for clean-technology through facilitating clean-tech business capital formation and knowledge transfer; and
  • to contribute to build Beijing into a global carbon financial center.

As a further element of the MOUC, CBEEX and FEX will jointly establish the Beijing International Carbon Finance Research Institute and the Beijing Green Finance Association. These two entities will provide an important development platform for a new business sector and emission trading infrastructure in Beijing. Additionally, these entities will work toward the research, promotion and co-operation of international green finance in Beijing, including through regular events, such as the International Green Finance Forum.

Mr. Brian Price, Chief Executive Officer of FEX said "FEX is very pleased to enter into this co-operative and strategic relationship with CBEEX. As CBEEX is a leading environmental exchange group in China, we look forward to working with CBEEX to jointly facilitate sustainable development globally and especially within China".

Mr. Yan Xiong, Chairman of CBEEX said "In selecting out strategic partners, CBEEX seeks not only technical capabilities, but business and strategic flexibility to operate in our rapidly changing business environment. FEX clearly meets these criteria and we look forward to a strong co-operative relationship".

For detailed information please refer to the CBEEX website.